As a Partner in L2 Consulting, Louise Bussieres is a serial Chief Financial Officer with over 30 years experience across Europe, North America and Asia.  From 1981 to 1990, she held several positions within the auditing group of KPMG, an international accounting and consulting firm.  In 1990, she joined the Institute Armand-Frappier, an academic researchinstitute, as Chief Accountant and was responsible for the implementation of a new accounting information system in support of the research effort.  In 1995, she was Associate Director of the Center for Experimental Biology (the preclinical research division of the Institute).  Operational man-management, general administrations as well as financial responsibility and control were features of this position.  As a company founder, Louise joined LAB in May 1999 as Vice President, Finance.  As the Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) of the company, she held financial responsibility as the company grew from $3m in revenue in 1999 to over $10m in 2002 when she was pivotal in taking the company public through a Reverse Take-Over mechanism on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  In 2002 and 2004, she managed financial due diligence for the acquisition of facilities in Hungary and Copenhagen and also founded a new, wholly-owned subsidiary company in California.  In 2006, she was central to the secondary Initial Public Offering transaction of LAB (now at $45m revenue) and continued as Vice President Finance with full M&A and other public reporting responsibilities.  Since 2010, she has worked as a Founding Partner of L2 Consulting with business interests (primarily business planning and financial management as CFO) for a number of biotech companies in Asia, US and Canada.

In summary, Louise has international auditing experience and is highly experienced at a senior level in the public markets.  She has been pivotal in raising over $100m in working capital and M&A.

L. Bussieres CPA, CA