L2 Consulting works with an international client base of life science industries in finance, business planning, M+A, program design, executional oversight, and interim management. Scientifically, L2 has contributed to many hundreds of new drug clinical trial applications (preclinical), has raised over U$200m in new funding, and has been pivotal in closing 6 mid-sized M&As in the industry (including the execution of full due diligence) with deal values of up to US$50m. L2’s team of Associate Partners encompasses senior-level expertise in clinical, preclinical, bioanalytical, immunological, finance, and business/corporate development.

As an Associate Partner in L2 Consulting, Dr. Fiona Allum is a trained geneticist with 10 years expertise in functional genomics and research coordination. She holds a Ph.D. in Human Genetics and Bioinformatics and a Masters in Biotechnology from McGill University. Dr. Allum is skilled in overseeing, collaborating, and advising on emerging technologies impacting health care. She is highly invested in each of her client’s projects through her detail-oriented review of results that impact outcomes.

Dr. Allum has participated in and overseen research in 8 laboratories during her academic training. Her doctoral work on the epigenomics of MSC-derived cell lines and their link to metabolic disorders was featured in high-impact journals including Nature Communications. Since 2020, Dr. Allum is appointed as the IP and R&D Director at a technology-enabling company based out of Montreal, Canada. She coordinates research and IP-related activities in over 15 active project dossiers in a wide variety of scientific fields including food security, cosmetics, antibiotic potentiation, and biomaterials. She is also the appointed lead scientific advisor on these projects.