As an Associate Partner in L2 Consulting, David Moddrelle has over 40 years of experience in laboratory animal research with 35 years focused on performing surgical procedures and surgical model development. He is certified through the Academy of Surgical Research in Surgical Research and whose work settings include the military, medical device, academia and multiple specie CRO’s. His positions as Principal Surgeon and Senior Surgical Scientist has given him a wide range of surgical experiences which include but are not limited to neural, cardio thoracic, abdominal, orthopedic and vascular arena’s. As the primary surgeon he has been involved with surgical model development for implantation of novel telemetry devices and the modification of current accepted surgical procedures to provide longer, more sustainable, telemetered data collection. Vascular access of various organ structure and associated vasculature via port/catheter systems is also part of his surgical skill set. He is experienced with the design, setup and management of surgical programs including training of support staff for pre, intra, and post –operative care under both academic conditions and GLP regulations.

He regularly speaks at conferences and has presented at such venues as the Mini Pig Research Forum, AALAS, Safety Pharmacology Society, and the Academy of Surgical Research. Dave was recently awarded the 2018 C. W. Hall Outstanding Publication Award, Academy of Surgical Research, Journal of Investigative Surgery, for his work with biotinylated dextran amin neural tracers tracking from the motor cortex to the lower hind limb following a T10 hemi-compression of the spinal cord in the African Green monkey.

Specialties: Femur Defect Model Utilizing Micro Plates and Screws; Femur , Radius and Ulna Defects; Bile Cannulations; Portal Vein, Hepatic Artery Cannulations; Stereotaxic Surgical Techniques; Neural Microinjections; Laminectomy/Disc Dosing techniques; Long Term CSF Collection Techniques; Laparoscopic Techniques; Wound Healing Models; Telemetry Implantation Techniques Aortic/Pulmonary Artery Flow Probe Placement; Meniscal Defects; Left Ventricular Cardiac Infarcts; Vascular Grafting techniques; Intrathecal catheterizations via hemi or dorsal laminectomy.

David S. Moddrelle SRS