As an Associate Partner in L2 Consulting, Dr Anton Kolosov brings close to 20 years of experience in Translational Medical Research and Healthcare industry. In addition to his work in the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Health industry in Singapore (GSK and Pfizer), Anton spent more than 10 years in academia and biotech sectors, leading cutting edge scientific investigations of novel pharmaceutical compounds for the treatment of chronic pain. His work has resulted in the discovery of new therapies for the treatment of diabetic neuropathic pain, cancer related pain and persistent inflammatory pain. Anton is a graduate of Monash University (Australia) and has published in peer-reviewed medical journals. He is an active contributor on editorial boards of several scientific publications including Pain Medicine, European Journal of Pharmacology, European Journal of Pain and Journal of Pain Research. His work with two start-up biotech companies (CNSBio and Drawbridge Pharmaceuticals) has led to a number of patents in the area of pain medicine and a successful development and commercialization of a new water soluble intravenous neuroactive steroid anaesthetic (Phaxan TM ), which has recently entered into Phase II clinical trials in Australia. Anton is also co-founder and a member of board of directors of two Singapore based companies – SAZMed Corp (medical device development) and Formugenix – a formulation and
analytical services CRO company.

In summary, Anton has a wide ranging international experience working in senior roles in R&D (Device & Drug Development, Medical & Scientific Affairs) and in Consumer Healthcare for the last 10 years, where he successfully delivered complex solutions and services across Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industry in Asia Pacific region.

Anton Kolosov PhD Med